On the seventh floor of the luxury hotel Splendid, seven gangsters are holding an American millionaire’s daughter hostage, though she is now dead having been “accidentally” strangled by one of the gangsters. The hotel is surrounded by the police who hesitate to storm in for fear of jeopardizing the life of the young heiress. To fool them, the gangsters pretend that the young woman is still alive…

With Splendid’s, Arthur Nauzyciel continues his pursuit of an aesthetic exploration between theatre and cinema, where boundaries between dreaming and waking, reality and illusion, are blurred. This two-act play is a sensuous, spectral dance of death; a metaphysical rendition of a James Cagney movie ; a film noir haunted by baroque hallucinations and gay fantasies.

Performed in English with an American cast and French actor Xavier Gallais, this new work features Arthur Nauzyciel’s closest artistic collaborators to date : Scott Zelinski on lights, Riccardo Hernandez on set design, Damien Jalet on choreography and José Levy on costumes.

Jean Genet’s only film, Un Chant d’Amour (1950) is screened as the first part of the performance. Film rated 16+

Running time : film 24 mins + show 110 mins