In ancient Greek Omphalos means the navel of the world, center of the earth, and is linked to the question of origins. It is said that one day Zeus sent two eagles on either side of the world. The place where they met was the center, the Omphalos materialized by a stone often protected by a snake. An eagle and a snake are also the symbol of Mexico, etymologically “the navel of the moon”.
From these great ancestral myths, Damien Jalet develops a reflection of an astonishing plastic power on the human being and the situation of life in the cosmos, a recurring theme for the choreographer. On the invitation of the national contemporary dance company of Mexico, Ceprodac, for this first collaboration in Latin America, Damien Jalet gathered a group of 20 dancers on a music by Marihiko Hara and Ryūichi Sakamoto. They evolve in a spectacular corolla reminiscent of the satellite dish. Tense towards which mystery? This vertiginous choreography plays with gravitation and instability, on the edge of emptiness and fall. It is a physical reflection on the perception of time by man, often multiple and elastic. The dancers embody its texture, its cyclical manifestations by accelerations, decelerations and unpredictable vertiginous spirals

Damien Jalet

Omphalos’ executive coordinator
Guzmán Gutiérrez

Sound designer
Ryuichi Sakamoto & Marihiko Hara

Additional track
Tim Hecker

Costumes designer
Jean Paul Lespagnard

Set Designer
Jorge Ballina

Light Designer
Victor Zapareto

Choreographic advisors
Aimilios Arapoglou, Gabriela Ceceña

Logo designer
Thomas Petit (M/M Paris)

Dramaturgical advisor
Catalina Navarrete

Visual content
Daniel Lugo

Technical director
José Valdés

Stage manager
Isabel Becerril

Floor manager
Pablo G. Rodriguez

Sound operator
Joel Argüelles

Stage hand
Avelino Gómez

Ángel Rosas

Costumes coordinator
Bárbara Roiz & Miguel Garabenta

Tour management
Ireri Mugica

Costume makers
Rafael Villegas, Raymundo Sánchez

Costume’s texture
Felipe Lara

Ceprodac dancers
Ana Paula Ricalde Castillo, Bryant Pineda Torices, Claudia Nayeli Olvera Rodríguez, Ernesto Peart Falcón, Guillermo IV Obele Bustos, Guillermo Magallón Armenta, Héctor Manuel Ortíz Valdovinos,, Ilse Orozco Corona, Jairo Cruz González, Jorge Emmanuelle Sanders Bustos, Juan Ángel Garnica Vázquez, Luis Alberto Ortega Valdez, María Alejandra Corona Pérez, Marlene Coronel Ortiz, Paulina del Carmen Fernández Sánchez, Paulino Josafat Medina Domínguez, Samantha Nevarez del Castillo, Sergio Anselmo Orozco, Yansi Méndez Bautista & Zurisadai de Jesús González Fuente

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